Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Harry Enfield - The Scousers

Harry Enfield - The Scousers, featured a set of stereotyped  Liverpudlian characters.
The Scousers were usually portrayed with permed hairstyles and bushy moustaches, wearing shell suits and speaking in exaggerated Scouse accents. Common catch phrases that they would say included "Eh? Eh? Eh?" "Dey do do dat dough don't dey dough" ("They do do that though, don't they though").

In a lot of the episodes, a slight dispute results in violence, in the screen shot above, from an episode of The Scousers you can see one of the men pointing a ketchup bottle in the other ones face and the other is pointing the finger. Shows they are angry with each other but over something so trivia.
This portrays Scousers being easily irriated by the slightest thing and therefore becoming violent.

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